I am a non-smoker now. I will do whatever it takes to breathe fresh air. I will keep my promise to my children that I will be there. – Nikola C


Not only was quitting smoking a huge relief but it was actually a really positive experience where all my questions were answered and I felt supported and confident, thanks to Empowerment for Life. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to cut through their habit and be free—easy and effective. – Bec, Darlinghurst


The system gave me processes and deep mental stimulation to take control of this aspect of my life. I feel stronger in my mental attitude to being a non-smoker for the rest of my life. – Wendy M


It gave me the tools I need to take control & end my unhealthy habit – Rae D


I feel a huge sense of relief, renewed vitality & a sense of moving forward unimpeded – Bec P


I found the treatment to be very informative. Khadine was very friendly & approachable. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. I feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders. Very happy. – Fred C


My session with Khadine was wonderful! I feel very positive walking out of her office today knowing I am a non-smoker. Here’s to the rest of my life! – Tracey M


I feel great & positive. I am now a non-smoker. – Irene R


Martha Arifin

EFT has been very effective in getting rid of my guilty feeling which has always been with me since I was really young. One session with Khadine has made a huge impact and I’m grateful that I am now a much free person because of this. Khadine is a fantastic EFT practitioner and I highly recommend her – Martha Arifin


The colour healing session with Khadine was relaxing and enlightening at the same time. It’s amazing to be able to feel the physical reaction to the colour frequencies during the session. Khadine is amazing and she is highly experienced in what she does. Thank you Khadine! – Martha Arifin