The Program

“Nothing to Fear, Your Life to Gain.”

The ‘Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes’ system has been shown to have a 95% success rate and comes with the security of a Results Guarantee.

This program offers a safe and effective alternative to pharmaceutical medications. The program uses a combination of education, hypnotherapy and NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming) to target your habit, the barriers you have to quitting as well as your smoking triggers. This holistic approach is what makes it so effective.

The following frequently asked questions section will explain the system and address any questions you may have. Click on the plus (+) symbol to open up and see the response to any specific question.

How does the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes program compare to other quit smoking options?

The Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes program has a superior success rate to other quit smoking methods.

Latest research suggests that long-term, nicotine replacement patches are only as successful as willpower alone

With this quit smoking program you will experience:

  • No pain
  • No major life changes
  • No chemicals
  • No dangerous drugs
  • No patches or pills
  • No needles

Pharmaceutical options such as nicotine replacement therapy, Zyban and Champix however can come with a range of side effects such as skin irritation, nausea, headaches, irritability, severe mood swings just to name a few. These options also need to be used over a period of time

Quitting smoking with Empowerment For Life is easy, more effective than other quit smoking methods, is pain free and safe. It comes with a results guarantee and support is only a phone call or email away. Why waste your time and money on other options?

Call Khadine on 1300 037 778 now to get happier and healthier!

How does this system work?

50% of why this system works so well is because of Advanced Hypnosis. The old myths and misconceptions about hypnosis have given way to proven, scientifically sound applications. Today the use of hypnosis is seen in medicine, dentistry, law enforcement, professional sports, and education.

The other 50% of this system is education and working with your individual needs. It uses NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) retrain your brain about how it thinks about cigarettes and smoking

How does hypnosis work?

Our minds work on two levels – the conscious and the unconscious. We make decisions, think, and act with our conscious mind. The unconscious mind controls our habits. In the relaxed state known as hypnosis, we can communicate directly with the unconscious mind. This is why it is so quick and easy to change habits of a lifetime with hypnosis.

Will This System work for me?

Everyone with an Average IQ can be successful in using this system. And since the session is custom tailored to your individual needs, it works for almost anyone

How will I know if the system works?

Because you will have quit cigarettes and will feel great being a non-smoker. Many people never even experience withdrawal symptoms after the session. In fact some feel as if they have never smoked cigarettes.

Is this system safe?

This system is based mostly on advanced hypnosis and NLP. And both of these systems are completely safe. You are aware and in control at every moment and can terminate the session at any time. You cannot get stuck in hypnosis. You can’t be made to do something against your will! Hypnosis is a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable experience.

How does this system help me to quit cigarettes?

Because your reasons for smoking cigarettes are different than other people’s reasons. The areas you need help in are different than your friends. And since we custom tailor the session to you and address your specific needs, you become a non-smoker with ease.

How long does it take?

You only need to invest two hours of your time

How will I feel afterwards?

After the session clients typically tell me they feel relaxed, energised, excited and that a load has been lifted.  Clients often feel like they have never smoked before. I’d like to suggest that you will feel this way. Many clients feel great with thoughts of smoking coming and going quickly. Other clients think of smoking but if they distract themselves these thoughts go quickly.

Will I gain weight?

A lot of people worry about putting on weight when they quit smoking. If this is you, I have great news. Firstly I’d like you to think about beef jerky. It is dry and tough and it gets that way through the smoking process. Well you are the same. Smoking dehydrates you. That’s why smokers often look older. When you become a non-smoker your body begins to rehydrate which is beneficial for your health in countless ways. So it’s normal to put on a couple of kilos in fluids and this is great for you.

Also, did you know that tobacco contains sugar and is even soaked with sugar as it’s processed? So every time someone has a drag of a cigarette they have a sugar hit. When you become a non-smoker you can experience low blood sugar and sugar cravings because your body is not getting the sugar hits it’s used to. But this is only temporary. We give you techniques to ever come this and to develop new healthy habits.

Do you offer pensioner discounts?

Yes Empowerment For Life happily offers pensioner discounts. If you have a valid Pension or Health Care Card bring it to your appointment for a $100 discount off the usual fee. Other providers do not provide this discount.

What if I’m not hypnotisable?

Everyone with an average IQ or above and who can follow directions is hypnotisable.

I don’t think I can afford it

If you think you can’t afford the program then you can’t afford not to quit.

Here’s why:

The average 1 packet a day smoker spends $550 a month on cigarettes.

In real wage terms this adds up to $8,200 in 1 year and $100,000 in 10 years!

To make it easier your investment can be paid for in 2 instalments. The first as a deposit and the remainder on the day.