Imagine if you could save an extra $8,200 in a year without having to work anymore hours. What would you do?

Would you go on a holiday, put it towards a deposit on your house, buy a car, redecorate, buy a boat, put it towards a wedding or improve your everyday life. The options are endless. Imagine what you would want to do. What would it look like? How would you feel?

Well if you are the average smoker, smoking one pack of cigarettes per day, you can save this if you quit cigarettes today.

Quit Smoking Savings Guide

And these amounts don’t factor in the other costs of smoking like:

  • The impact on your health and increased healthcare costs
  • The impact on your loved ones health due to passive smoking
  • Increased risk of a long, painful death
  • The increased cost of life insurance
  • A shorter life expectancy
  • Social acceptance
  • Time…for yourself, hobbies, partner, children…
  • Smelling like an ashtray

…and all the other things that cigarette smoking costs you.

If you are passionate about quitting and think you can’t afford to? Well really, can you afford not to?

You can look forward to the brighter future full of the things you do want by quitting smoking today. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call 1300 037 778 now to book.

Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Program options

We offer a range of programs to suit your needs. Whether you want to quit as an individual, with a friend or in a group.

Also available are gift vouchers and a CD.

Pensioner discounts available off the full program price.

Payments for programs and gift vouchers can also be made in two instalments. Just call Khadine on 1300 037 778 to find out more.


Program / Item
Individual Full Payment

Quit Smoking Mates – 2 people

Special price per person $550. Total saving $100

Quitting smoking can be a great thing to do with another person. Whether you choose to quit with a partner, a relative or a friend, it can be great to be able to support each other to be non-smokers

  • Must attend appointment at the same time

Quit Smoking Trio – 3 people

Investment in your improved health $475 per individual – $1425 total

  • Must attend appointment at the same time