Corporate Smoking Cessation Programs

Whilst you most probably have a smoke-free environment in your workplace, 23% of your employees are probably taking 30-60 minutes out of their working day to smoke. This adds up to between 15-30 days of work time per year.

You may also be interested to know that smoking employees:

  • Take an average of 5 extra sick days per year
  • Cost a company up to $5000 a year or more
  • Have higher levels of anxiety and reduced concentration
  • Have a higher incidence of early retirement
  • Have to 14 years less life expectancy

For the above reasons – and as many smokers are keen to kick the habit for both financial and health reasons – we are finding many companies  are keen for us to deliver a short FREE talk on How Smokers who wish to end their habit might do this. We often find a number of people in companies we visit are curious on how they or their relatives might go about giving up smoking… should they make that positive decision. So our talks have popular appeal and also appeal to groups who quit together.

Currently many companies choose to offer a Smoking Cessation Program in the workspace and subsidise the cost of the program with their employees as it benefits both parties.

If you already offer a Smoking Cessation Program it would be worth you comparing the success rate of your current program with ours. The program we deliver has a 95% success rate and is backed up with a results guarantee.

Achieve more financial savings and a further increase of productivity! Book your FREE talk now. Call Khadine on 1300 037 778.

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