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Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Happen!!

We are all well and truly into the New Year. Traditionally we make a New Year’s resolution, perhaps make a couple of attempts to make it happen and then promptly forget about it. All before January ends

But what if you could turn your resolutions into goals and make them happen? Well you can by following the SMARTS formula for goal setting

What is the SMARTS formula?

The SMARTS formula for goal setting is a strategy used by highly successful people across the globe. And it can work for you

S = Specific and Simple

  • Make your goal specific, simple and clear

M = Measurable

  • Be clear about how you will know that you have achieved this goal. What it will look like, sound like, feel like etc.

A = As if now

  • You need to construct your goal as if it is reality now. The more you imagine your outcome as real in your present moment the more your brain gets trained to make it happen

R = Reasons/Realistic/Relevant

  • Reasons: what are your reasons for wanting this goal?
  • Realistic: is this goal realistic?
  • Relevant: what makes it relevant to you?

T = Timed

  • Set a date to achieve this goal by
  • Set a timeline for consistent action towards this goal

S = Steps Required

  • Write down all the possible steps you can take to achieve this goal
  • From your list decide which tips you wish to use and create an action plan


Use this information to write your goal in the follow form:

It is now    /   /     (date) and I am/ I’m doing/ I have                   and I feel               .     

For example: It is now 1/2/2013 and I am a non-smoker breathing fresh air and I feel healthy, energised, amazing and happy

By having yearly goals and developing strategies to make them a reality you can make your dreams come true.

May all your New Year’s goals become reality






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Help Someone Quit Smoking Cigarettes This Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Are you looking for something different to give to a loved one this Christmas? Do you have a loved one who would like to quit smoking cigarettes?

If so, consider buying them a Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Gift Pack or a Gift Voucher for a Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes program.



  • A two track Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes CD (Value: $35)

Track 1: The Power of hypnosis makes it easy

Track 2: Hypnotic Induction for Stress Relaxation

  • A $20 gift voucher to go towards the cost of a Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes program
  • Information leaflet about the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes program
  • Free delivery

Total Price: $55


The Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes program has a 95% success rate and is backed up with a lifetime guarantee. Like any habit the smoker has to want to quit for the program to work.

  • Initial forms and phone or email consultation
  • The Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes session
  • Back up sessions if necessary (the program comes with a lifetime guarantee)
  • Support materials to keep them on track
  • Phone/email support after their session
Value: If somebody that you loved quit cigarettes, how much would that be worth to you and them? Invaluable!

Price: $550

Quit Smoking In 60 Minutes

Hi I’m Khadine Aharon. I’d like to welcome you to Empowerment For Life.

I am passionate about supporting people who want to quit smoking. I believe that when you quit smoking it creates a positive ripple effect in your life. For example:

  • When you become a non-smoker you have a sense of greater control in your life. You are no longer a slave to a cigarette. When you give up the powerful habit of smoking it demonstrates to you that you are capable of achieving your other goals as well
  • Saves you money. The average smoker spends $8,200 per year on cigarettes in real wage terms. Imagine… what you would do if you had an extra $8,200 in 12 months?
  • Improvement of your health and vitality
  • Time – you have more to do the things you want
  • Confidence – you no longer have to worry about how you smell or if you have to sneak off somewhere to have a cigarette

Every client is unique and the positive ripple can add up to huge changes in a person’s life. I enjoy being a Quit Smoking Specialist so much because I get to be a small part of your journey to become a non-smoker for life.

I have been dedicated to health and self-development services for a long time. I am a qualified social worker with 12 years’ experience in the Community Services Sector & 11 years’ experience in the Natural therapies sector. I am a certified Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Specialist and part of a network of hundreds of Quit Smoking Specialists around Australia

What I really like about this system and why I use it with my clients is because it’s safe, has a 95% success rate, is pain free, does not require drugs and is easy

I look forward to supporting you to become a non-smoker for life.

It is my mission to provide my clients all the therapeutic tools and suggestions they need to become non-smokers for life.

To your continued health and success,


You can do it! Call Khadine on 1300 037 778 now!