We are all well and truly into the New Year. Traditionally we make a New Year’s resolution, perhaps make a couple of attempts to make it happen and then promptly forget about it. All before January ends

But what if you could turn your resolutions into goals and make them happen? Well you can by following the SMARTS formula for goal setting

What is the SMARTS formula?

The SMARTS formula for goal setting is a strategy used by highly successful people across the globe. And it can work for you

S = Specific and Simple

  • Make your goal specific, simple and clear

M = Measurable

  • Be clear about how you will know that you have achieved this goal. What it will look like, sound like, feel like etc.

A = As if now

  • You need to construct your goal as if it is reality now. The more you imagine your outcome as real in your present moment the more your brain gets trained to make it happen

R = Reasons/Realistic/Relevant

  • Reasons: what are your reasons for wanting this goal?
  • Realistic: is this goal realistic?
  • Relevant: what makes it relevant to you?

T = Timed

  • Set a date to achieve this goal by
  • Set a timeline for consistent action towards this goal

S = Steps Required

  • Write down all the possible steps you can take to achieve this goal
  • From your list decide which tips you wish to use and create an action plan


Use this information to write your goal in the follow form:

It is now    /   /     (date) and I am/ I’m doing/ I have                   and I feel               .     

For example: It is now 1/2/2013 and I am a non-smoker breathing fresh air and I feel healthy, energised, amazing and happy

By having yearly goals and developing strategies to make them a reality you can make your dreams come true.

May all your New Year’s goals become reality