Hi I’m Khadine Aharon. I’d like to welcome you to Empowerment For Life.

I am passionate about supporting people who want to quit smoking. I believe that when you quit smoking it creates a positive ripple effect in your life. For example:

  • When you become a non-smoker you have a sense of greater control in your life. You are no longer a slave to a cigarette. When you give up the powerful habit of smoking it demonstrates to you that you are capable of achieving your other goals as well
  • Saves you money. The average smoker spends $8,200 per year on cigarettes in real wage terms. Imagine… what you would do if you had an extra $8,200 in 12 months?
  • Improvement of your health and vitality
  • Time – you have more to do the things you want
  • Confidence – you no longer have to worry about how you smell or if you have to sneak off somewhere to have a cigarette

Every client is unique and the positive ripple can add up to huge changes in a person’s life. I enjoy being a Quit Smoking Specialist so much because I get to be a small part of your journey to become a non-smoker for life.

I have been dedicated to health and self-development services for a long time. I am a qualified social worker with 12 years’ experience in the Community Services Sector & 11 years’ experience in the Natural therapies sector. I am a certified Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Specialist and part of a network of hundreds of Quit Smoking Specialists around Australia

What I really like about this system and why I use it with my clients is because it’s safe, has a 95% success rate, is pain free, does not require drugs and is easy

I look forward to supporting you to become a non-smoker for life.

It is my mission to provide my clients all the therapeutic tools and suggestions they need to become non-smokers for life.

To your continued health and success,


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